Solaris FTG | Fake Tweet Generator

$5.50 Unlimited lifetime license

The Solaris Fake Tweet Generator is exactly as its title implies.

Installation is not required to use Solaris Fake Tweet Generator.


  • Produces authentic-looking tweets based on the features and functionality of the Twitter platform.
  • The FTG outputs a unique, randomly generated tweet template with every new tweet created.
  • “Customizable” options allow for the tweeking of popularity stats and timestamps.
  • “Image” function allows for the import of images and formatting according to Twitter's specifications.
  • “Headers” may be captured according to the capture tool or manually created and added to the collection.
  • Incorporates links to Solaris.Dev’s presence on facebook and on the web to simplify support.

Disclaimer: this software is intended for use to create satirical content. Solaris.Dev disclaims all liability for malicious use.