Solaris Matrix | UV Test Map Generator

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The goal of Solaris Matrix is to provide a means by which to virtually automate the entire process of uv test map creation for 3d asset development and, as an aside, gradient map and grid map generation to be used in a broader scope within and beyond the 3d art pipeline.

While practical and functional, Solaris Matrix endows the user with the ability to create personalized, stylized, per-asset maps that can be used to present the uv unwrap with as much flare as the underlying topology itself. As well, Solaris Matrix allows for the saving of presets so that a single .grid layout can become .grid families sharing palette schemes and grid schemes to fine tune the presentation of unwrapped 3d assets along the art pipeline and within the portfolio.

Solaris Matrix was built for 3d graphic design professionals by 3d graphic design professionals, designed with the tools and flexibility required to achieve maximum unwrapped uv presentation quality with minimal time investment.

Installation is not required to use Solaris Matrix.


  • Built-in template presets setup your new .grid layout in sizes ranging from large icon up to 8k resolution with just a click of the mouse.
  • Built-in and expandable presets library for storing and recalling .grid layouts.
  • “Randomize” function allowing for a roll-of-the-dice generation of .grid layouts.
  • “Export” function exports the .grid layout to 32 bit .png format from large icon size up to 8k resolution at 72 dpi while maintaining the .grid layout’s transparency.
  • “Reset” function restores the .grid layout to its default startup state.
  • Extremely robust color-picker functionality allows for picking colors from anywhere on the screen(s) as well as from either standard color palettes or from the convenient, built-in color wheel.
  • Allows for manual entry of RGB color values alongside the color-picker system.
  • Viewport allows for viewing of the .grid layout at 100% or scaled to fit within the bounds of the viewport.
  • Checkerboard and grids can be turned off to afford the creation and export of 1:1 gradient maps. Likewise, the transparency of the background can be set to maximum to allow for the creation and export of grid and/or checkerboard overlays for use as layers in other projects outside of Solaris Matrix.
  • Every aspect of the background, checkerboard and grid layouts is tunable, from export resolution to alpha strength, grid widths to checker and grid spacings.
  • Displays the expected export file size based on .grid layout settings.
  • Incorporates links to Solaris.Dev’s presence on facebook and on the web to simplify support.